Model Limitations

The models features HUD and RADAR gauges but the HUD is not "Collimated". A method of achieving this was tried out during the model build stages but because of the framework and sun visor surrounding the display it was deemed un-realistic. The HUD is also basic in it's operation but enables you get where you want to go. There is a side knob on the left shroud panel to adjust the horizon line, three colour modes are selected via left and right mouse clicks on the left hand knob. The right hand knob activates the hud mode. The HUD has only a single mode of operation although the knob advances a further two positions. The extended animation could have been stripped from the model but it was left in place to assist with "gauge development" in the future for a more complex RADAR/HUD combination if developed.

The RADAR is similar to the one used on the Mirage and has two ranges and various display filters for information. If you plan and fly a saved flight plan then a "route mode" will show the course line. Again this gauge may be developed for future enhancements.

Sounds have been included in the VC "clicks and beeps" for most of the switch functions and also some audio alerts for failures and warnings. Although in reality when a pilot has his flying helmet on and is plugged into the com system it is doubtful if any switch sound would be heard. They are included to enhance the environment. As pointed out it was never intended to build in advanced systems and management but most of the functions available for this aircraft within the standard simulator variables are enabled. You do not have to read a manual to start this aircraft or take off but it is advisable. Most switches and knobs have "tool tips" along with the warning lights although some switches do nothing to affect the simulation and are "eye candy"

A GPS system is also included on the radar panel. The knobs to control this are on the right console just above the RADAR function buttons. Discussion as to should we include the GPS was thorough and it was decided to leave it in place and although not accurate it will assist some people in flying this aircraft. Again you do not have to use it if you want to and if the RADAR is turned on then it will not display.

The visual model is what I call a medium detailed model and I think enough has been included to give a fair representation of the Flanker without killing frame rates too much. Also two texture set resolutions have been done to assist people with less powerful computers. The textures do take a while to load though. It is hoped that a more advanced system for the RADAR and HUD will be developed and a weapon control system tied in with some switches and knobs, etc. THIS IS BEYOND MY KNOWLEDGE at the moment so it will not come soon. Also because of the time and probable costs in developing such systems it will not be offered as a free upgrade but more as an additional extra unless the aircraft sells in abundance to fund this (and in my experience this never happens).

If you fly this aircraft in a multiplayer role then people that do not have this package installed will only see a "scrambled" model. There is a work around for that and it has been posted in other forums regarding adding a "gauge entry" into the panel file of those aircraft. If all players in the Multi-Play session use the aircraft or the "MP" variants in this set then there should be no display issues when in flight. Because of some of the custom variables used in the model these are not supported in the Multi-Player session. I have tried to reduce these and have removed any unnecessary parts to improve performance.

If you have any problems please use the support forum for assistance. It is not our intention to answer questions/issues by browsing every forum in the world wide web as that would be impossible. Also if your account is not activated please give us time to do so as we all need sleep.

If you decide to purchase this aircraft we hope that you will enjoy it and have fun pushing the limits. John Cagle has worked very hard on the flight model to achieve a good compromise within the simulator constraints but be very gentle on the elevators.

I have tried to be as honest as I can regarding this product and do not wish for people to be disappointed with the purchase and do not promise the world with this but any genuine problems/issues will be resolved as soon as possible if viable. 

The aircraft is protected and this protection can cause some issues IF YOU DO NOT READ AND UNDERSTAND THE INSTALLATION ROUTINE. Most people will not have a problem and having full administrative rights on Vista and Windows 7 should enable a trouble free install. The install should be automatic with very little action required but you may have to point to the default location of your FSX install.