ALS-SIM "Flanker B" for FSX

For our first release we have chosen the mighty Flanker B

The aircraft set features the early Flanker B variant with "steam cockpit"

An experimental cockpit and model is included to represent the "Glass Panel" of the SKM Version

The SKM was more of a feasibility study into actual modelling the CRT's instead of using traditional XML or projected gauges and is included as a bonus variant.

It was never the intention to "build in" all the advance systems that have been done by other publishers - more to make this a fun and exciting aircraft to fly without having to read the manual to learn how to start it.

The models feature selectable external air to air missiles and pylons on the relevant airframes via the "fuel and payload" editor in FSX

"LIL" test pilot display aircraft "595" and "598"

Russian Knights display version with early and late schemes

No single seat Flanker set would be complete without "RED 01"

Other versions included are "Blue 03" 54th GvIAP, "Red 08" TsBP, "57 Blue" of the Ukrainian Air Force that visited RIAT in 1996, "24 Black" PLAAF, "606" ERAF, and of course the "bonus" SKM "305 Blue".

Also all four single seat versions of the Russian Knights have been included that have been "stripped down" from unnecessary parts and weapons to make them more suitable for a multi-player session and hopefully help in this environment if you and three friends wish to practice your virtual display routine.

All versions have two sets of textures - one set being lower resolution versions. Again this was done to try and help frame rates and loading time for people with lesser systems like mine.


First of all I would like to thank the "Beta Testers" who have spent a great deal of time, enthusiasm and patience in testing the project for me.

Beta Team = and as they say "in no particular order" Frank Safranek, Bill MacKay, John Cagle, Bernt Stolle, Lennart Biermann, Chris Eells, Jon Lawrence, John Miguez , Alexander Freeman and Jim Cooper. Also a special thanks to Igor Suprunov who persuaded his wife Elena to use her voice and record "Rita" or "Bitchin' Betty"

If I have forgotten anybody my apologies but it is not intentional.

More information, images and model details and limitations

are here

System requirements

A personal computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 installed correctly. It is recommended that you are able run the program and achieve at least 20 frames per second with the default aircraft. A 512mb Graphics card or higher is strongly recommended. 830mb of free system space on your hard drive for install. If running a 64bit operating system like Vista or Windows 7 YOU MUST HAVE FULL ADMINISTRATION RIGHTS ON INSTALL. Sound card and a flight stick or controller is recommended to enhance your experience within the game.

The aircraft has been tested quite thoroughly on a wide variety of computers and operating systems and is DX10 compatible. However it is virtually impossible to test this with all other "third party" add-ons for FSX and therefore we can only state that with the default program no issues were found.

Please register and visit the support forum if you are having problems with this product.

Download details

Price is $32.00 and handled by Flight1

This aircraft is "pay-ware" and payment before installation is required. The payment method is handled by Flight1 and their secure servers. The product must be installed by the usual method of running the installation procedure and any deviation from this method will cause errors with the product. The product is bound by a "user agreement" and details can be viewed here.