The Mirage that was previously sold under the Skysim banner

will now be shortly available from here.

After some time to reflect over this project I have decided to completely re-work the VC's and possibly improve the exterior models if viable without disrupting the "add-on skins" available.

If this proves impossible then the original set will be included but with new VC's. The re-worked external models will of course have new and improved texture maps. During the development of the original version "high res" textures were done but frame rates suffered. 2 years down the line most people have a bit more "Ommmmpaa" to run FSX with so we move on.

Pricing is still to be worked out but remember this is what I call 50% new with additions so the new package will cost all purchasers - but as a matter of "grace" original customers of the Skysim version will be offered a substantial discount if they wish to upgrade.

The original set "as released" will also be available as a back up for old customers but it will not be sold - simply re-badge as that is not how I do things.

Reasons? well there are many but basically I wish to make this the "Ultimate" mirage set and secondly the 5000 or so torrent downloads will be worthless when this comes out. If you have any suggestions or requests regarding this project the contact me by the email link.