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Help with flight

Postby kdc » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:01 am

Hi Mark,
Well its been a few months now since downloading "Flanker" It is without any doubt the best addition to FSX. It has made the sim so enjoyable for me, being able to fly the aircraft over areas of the south west england and beyond.
I have a couple of points that I would like to ask:-
1 When preforming areobatics I struggle to do a clean 360 degree loop, the aircraft wants to stay in the vertical. Any guidance??
2 It would be a really nice addition to be able to dispense chaffs and flares.
3 Do you think you might consider producing any extra skins for the aircraft?
I hope the new models are coming on and I look forward to hearing about the next release, keep up the good work.
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