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Postby yankeeromeo » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:05 pm

Hello ALS_SIM staff and Fellow Flanker Pilots,
Bought your Flanker yesterday evening, never heard about this project before released, that was a huge and good surprise for me.
BIG THANKS for having creating this fabulous aircraft.
I have to say that the "flight profile" is very good, very impressive, i like doing the "Cobra" and other standard aerobatic manoeuvers, never flew the real Aircraft but what i'm the most impressed is
the slow flight capabilities and manoeuvrability, if it's near the reality, whaaooo, that's pure pleasure.
The 3D modeling is very good too, having the choice between 2 copckpit variant is excellent, same as weapons choice, even if i'm not flying Fighters for carrying thoses armements, only flying them for the pure flight performances.
Having 3D VC only is top, 2D is obsolete now, at least for me, extra VC & external views should me implemented asap.
About FPS, i don't know if it's my PC config but that is a little heavy, so don't mind about this.
Flew 4.3 hrs since yesterday evening, mainly test flights and aerobatics and a little of chasing Ai planes when some are in the Russian Skies...
With such a quality addon, what we need now is several nice Russian Air Bases and the Baikonur Cosmodrome sceneries.
Again THANKS to all the team for this beauty and hope this is the beginning of a long Russian story, as Russian Aircrafts are really missing for FSXA.
Cheers to all.

Not far away from Baikonur


No offense to anybody, the only Ai plane on the sky at that time

The Cobra, just to say Bye


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